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MaCriCare National Coordinators’ responsibilities & privileges chart

National Coordinators’ responsibilities

   1.1 The MaCriCare Survey has already been pre-approved by Jagiellonian University Ethics Committee, Krakow, Poland [approval number 1072.6120.69.2020; EC head Prof. Piotr Thor, 1 April 2020]. It is the National Coordinator’s responsibility to establish whether ethical approval is required in their own country. This needs to be evidenced with one of the following

    A.Full ethical approval from an authorized body e.g. Institutional Review Board – IRB, Ethical Review Board – ERB (or equivalent)

    B.Formal waiver from the ERB

    C.ERB acceptance of Sponsor’s Ethical Approval (Jagiellonian University Ethics Committee, Krakow, Poland)

   2.1 Where translation is required, it is the responsibility of the NC to facilitate translation into the target language and to ensure that it is validated according to the MaCriCare translation guide.

   3.1 Prior to distribution of the survey, NCs must prepare a list of all maternity units in their country. The list should include both public and private sector units.

   3.2 NCs will be responsible for disseminating the online link of the survey to the relevant persons within each maternity unit.

   4.1 It is the NC’s responsibility to maximize the response rate in their country. The target response rate is 100%, however in order to be included in the survey, the minimum expected response rate is 40% of the units listed in 3.1

   4.2 The NC will be informed of the national response rate after 30 days of survey launch along with a list of the units who have not yet responded. At this point, the survey will be resent and the NC will be required to follow-up these units by making contact with the relevant responsible persons.

After a further 30 days the NC will once again be informed of the national response rate along with the updated list of the units who have still not responded.

The survey will close after a further 30 days (i.e. a total of 90 days after launch).
   5.1 Electronic data cleaning and verification. This includes prevention of data duplication and sense-checking free-text entries where appropriate. This will be supported by the MaCriCare Steering Committee. Closed question survey tools should significantly limit the problems with data cleaning.

National Coordinators’ benefits

   6.1                The following benefits will be conferred to NCs on completion of their responsibilities as stated above.

   6.2 National coordinators will be recognized in the planned publication of the survey findings. NCs will appear in alphabetical order and will be visible in search tools such as PubMed. The final decision will be made by the MaCriCare steering committee according to the journalistic style.

   6.3 Country-specific data will subsequently be made available to NCs for further analysis and publication. Data will be shared according to the MaCriCare data sharing policy. This will occur after the main survey results have been presented and/ or published.